Streamline is a Turn-key Contract Manufacturing and Procurement company focused on high-quality, sustainable and ethical production in low-cost regions especially China. Operating from Northern California and Shanghai offices, Streamline delivers "white glove" integrated and tailored supply chain and quality excellence solutions to customers of all sizes across a broad range of industries, such as consumer lifestyle, safety and defense, industrial, mining, and industrial and consumer products packaging. A one-stop solution center for modern innovations, market leaders and winning products of the future.

Streamline Manufacturing

Little pieces can add up to great things.

Our team is careful in planning how they build your products. On-site engineers uphold the highest levels of quality control. And we are careful in safeguarding your concept throughout the manufacturing process. Care and attention saves you money and time and provides you with a trusted business partner so that you can continue to build great things.

Streamline Inventory

The cost of rent just went down.

Your products were just manufactured. Now you need a place to store them. Our facilities hold your products in inventory until you’re ready to ship to your customers, freeing you to focus on the next step and saving you money to invest back into your business.

Streamline Fulfillment

Assembled. Packaged. Delivered.

Sometimes assembly is required. Packaging is a science. And only one word makes people happy about shipping. Free shipping is still up to you; our fulfillment experts handle the rest. We reduce logistical costs and time by optimizing touchpoints. Smart logistics help bring your product to life in the market and make you and your customers happy.

Streamline Development

Turn your prototypes into products.

You have a concept and prototype. Our team designs your prototype for cost-effective manufacturing and market success. Efficient product development accelerates time to market and reduces costs. Clear and detailed specifications ensure smooth production that results in beautiful products with market appeal.

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